4.25.3 to 4.25.4 - Crash on Android launch

I’ve been in the middle of a massive troubleshooting endeavor. I had to reinstall UE4 on my laptop, and it was 4.25.4. I opened my project, no warnings, launch to device and it would crash on load at the splash screen with no error.

I noticed that on my desktop, I had 4.25.3, and when I launched to device, it worked without a crash. I copied the entire contents of my engine build to my laptop and things are working fine. (I didn’t want to take the time to download and compile the engine to make this test).

So, my question is… what changed in 4.25.4 that makes it so my same exact project crashes? It’s not a major project, but it is a project I am using for learning and I would like to learn why this happened.

The log would even show “success” but I think it says that as long as the game was compiled.