4.24 megascans

I would like to use some of the megascan assents, but not all of them seem to be compatible with unreal 4.24. Is there a reason for this?

Very easy answer on this.

Unreal Engine 4.24 is literally available since 1 week only and the assets couldn’t be updated so fast.

You can try using the Megascans Website on its own or with the Quixel Bridge application, with those you can directly download the assets and import them.

Marketplace assets have within 30 days of a new release to mark for compatibility. The Megascan assets aren’t necessarily incompatible so much as no one has checked the box yet. As they are mostly texture/mat/mesh assets there is a very low probability of it needing a manual update on Quixels end. In the mean time you can migrate the content to 4.24 projects without fearing incompatibility issues. =)

Megascans are just textures. You can simply import the textures into editor and construct the material yourself. It’s not hard. There is nothing UE specific about them.

These have all been updated at this point.