[4.24] Level Sequencer Event track pin warning

Hi all!

I’ve been using a Level Sequencer to Trigger “Gameplay Events” in my Persistent Level for a while now with no issues. Just recently when switching over to 424 I’ve been getting these warnings:

Here’s the thing- despite the warnings, my event is called in the Persistent Level so it still works. It’s a super simple event too, just plays some audio:

Both my Persistent Level and my Sequence Director have the correct Interface Blueprints attached [ BPI_Level ] and is using the correct Interface Pin.

Also, in my Event Track- it is also set to the correct Interface.


I have no idea how to remove these warnings. I have tried looking at the docs here:

In the “Endpoints and Interface” section I tried to see if redoing it from scratch and following step-by-step would fix the issue. But by doing that- my Event [In the Persistent Level] doesn’t get called at all. I’m at a loss here and I can’t seem to find much help online via Google. Level Sequencer Event Tracks have gotten changed so many times per update [4.20-4.24] that it’s difficult to figure out how they want it to be set up anymore. Any help would be much appreciated.

Did you implement the blueprint interface on all sub levels as well as the persistent level? Sequencer does not have the ability to determine which level blueprint you wish to call it on so it attempts to call it on all of them, and this method is not recommended anymore.

The easier way to do this is just to add the S_Lighthouse_Horn_Cue actor directly to Sequencer and then add an event track to it in Sequencer. When you create an event key it will create a function in the Sequencer Director Blueprint which has the S_Lighthouse_Horn_Cue actor as a parameter passed to it. Then you can call the function directly on the sound Cue.

This was created using the Quick Bind menu when creating the event key and searching for the Play (Component) function. The custom event (with additional Start Time parameter) was created automatically as a result.

Hi @WiiFitTrainr,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I can see how sending these messages is wasteful on sub-levels that do not have the interface attached [which is why they prob moved away from it].

I went ahead and set up the Audio Cue Event Track exactly the way you described and it worked. I appreciate you taking the time to explain it to me as it also revealed a whole new slew of Sequencer functionality that I didn’t know existed.

Before, if you wanted to play a sound cue with Spatialization, you had to click on an Actor and attach/drag a Sound Cue [w/ parameters applied in the properties panel if you want to keep spatiaization] to that in Sequencer AND THEN call Play on it in your Blueprints. It seemed like a lot of hoops for just playing a 3D Sound Cue via Sequencer- I’m glad Epic created this system.

Thanks again,