4.24 - Landscape export LOD baking only black landscapes

My apologies if this has already been answered, but I am having an issue with landscape LODs using level details and exporting LODs. I am following along with the ‘lets make an MMO tutorial’ and part 8 deals with large fast open worlds. I am using the two material functions and landscape material (created in part 4) and ensuring I remove the camera elements from the material blueprints. Whenever I generate LOD’s, what outputs is a black terrain material, blank normals, - no textures whatsoever. My question is, what changed in 4.24 or since 4.20 that causes this to break, and maybe more importantly, what is the solution to generating landscape LODs in 4.24 +

could it be that the material is just not correctly assigned to the impostor (lod)?

I should be getting to this within the next week or so with my new terrain, if i remeber/have the same issue ill add to this.

Hmm, a material is getting assigned, its just that the material is completely black. I did however manually assign the landscape material to the LOD landscape static meshes which has pretty much solved the issue - not sure if this is the best workaround, but it does work, just very manual. It also means the normal map,textures, and baked materials from the export/generation are useless. Maybe there’s a better way to only export my landscape staticmesh LODs…

thanks @**MostHost LA, **your question at least got me moving in the right direction again.

Hey @omfgdude2, did you find a proper way? I also have only black material on my lods in my tiled landscape… I noticed that my LandscapeLayerCoords Node that i use in my original Material is gone and the texture in the generated material of the lod is black and a black normal map appeared. When i set my original texture and add the landscapelayercoords, it works again.

[USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] do you know how to properly generate a lod from a landscape tile?

You just adjust the settings and build the lod.
I suggest taking the specularity parameter down below .2
And the roughness, up around .8
in reality you should make a custom material, create instances and assign them with the proper texture and normal map as parameters. On each tile. Particularly if you want to use any parameter like getting the landscape colors to change over time (seasons).

I have many tiles, so I would need a script that creates the materials for me and assigns it to the lods, is that right?

Here I have some screenshots that demonstrate the issue:
Original Material, everything works:

Then the settings for generating the LODs:

Then, after I click generate, the Material M_LandscapeStreamingProxy_0_LOD1.uasset is like the following:

Notice that the texture went black, the landscapeLayerCoords Node is removed, and a black normal texture appeared. Am I doing something wrong or this intended behaviour?

Thank you for taking the time, [USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER]!

The process bakes what is on the landscape (including painted layers) down to a single texture.

Essentially what you see is what you get - in editor.

AFAIK there is no way to automate the replacement via a built in script or similar. You eould have to maybe create an auto hockey process or something similar.

Hi @omfgdude2
I am having same issue, using 4.25. It worked for me once then when I regenerate LOD, textures are all black.
Did you find solution ?

@omfgdude2 @Grugruel
Hi, I found my solution.
Just giving reply if any one wonders.
I did remove all camera and virtual texture but no luck. Then i remember i also turned on forward rendering. I turned it off and worked. :grinning: