4.24 Editor UI sluggish and laggy


anyone else noticing that in 4.24, the Editor UI seems a lot more laggy and sluggish than 4.23? It’s especially noticeable when fullscreening the viewport using F11 key. On identical project, 4.23 fullscreen animation is very smooth while 4.24 feels like 10-15FPS. I’ve tried to capture it on 60FPS video, but the difference is a lot bigger than the video shows

Is been mentioned here already, if you want to cross post or whatever…
Looking for a stable engine version to upgrade from 4.18 - this isn’t it!
Of course no one from Epic is around atm to comment or respond etc.
Holidays aren’t the real reason - its indifference at Management Level.:frowning:

Are you sure that 4.18 was so “stable” or your project (or projects) was much smaller? :wink:

I feel we, developers, tend to assume that the engine we use (Unreal or any other) is getting worse with every release while our projects grow bigger (so we’re utilizing more of engine code) or we encounter a major issue after upgrade.
And we tend to forget past major issues like circular dependencies on blueprints or tons of other issues. Personally I see no difference in release quality - different projects encounter different issues. I noticed upgrade going smooth for one project (like updating internet browser which you don’t even notice) but requiring a ton of work on a different project.
If the project grows big, it’s worth to wait even a few weeks before upgrading.

Why not? The majority of developers come back from Christmas break today.

Fair point. But my work is quite simple tbh dude, its not really stressing the engine at all.

As we enter a fresh year, just seems like Epic vs Community interaction is non-existent.
A ‘Community Manager’ that actually interacted on here a little completely disappeared.
(Tim / Kalvothe). Was there any word on his departure, or anyone new come on-board?

Spoke to a rep recently whose responsible for UE customer experience @ Epic and who was open to feedback.
Afterwards the response was ‘trying to convince the stakeholders’… My read on that is ‘Management Indifference’
Maybe its a larger part of the tech industry as a trend tho. Seems like things are really rotten at Google right now.
Fingers crossed Fortnite billions don’t corrupt management + Sweeney doesn’t step back like Google founders. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s very clear, easy to see, what Epic’s bigger fishes’ focus is.
Just watch some of their recent talks.

They are after making sure companies like Tesla and major design/architecture companies are happy.
Small game development (indies) is pretty much considered a conquered battlefield, there’s not much to improve there from their PoV and every commercial business will always focus on growth paths (i.e: not indies).

Tim Sweeney seems to be very motivated to push gaming forward. This is the guy who buys large patches of forest to prevent cutting down the trees :wink:

A bit different to Unity which is a regular corporation, for years focused on developing mobile payment and advertising systems than game creation tools :wink:

lol if you want to bring Unity to the conversation I have a lot of ugly things to say about them, in which this case I better shut up and leave the topic :stuck_out_tongue:
(because I already gave up on them years ago, no point in kicking a dead body)

Contrary to Unity, EpicGames has all my respect.
I’m just a bit annoyed that since some time ago I have to download engine source + remove all the things I don’t need (tools not for game-dev) + patch dependencies to those tools + generate my own rocket build… That process takes considerable effort.

Please, say ugly things, you shouldn’t constrain yourself <muahahaha>

Well, I’m observing their progress on separating platforms’ code from the engine code. So I could quickly remove all platforms I don’t need (mobile, XR).
They seem to enjoy teams downloading “useless” code and assets from GitHub or their Perforce :wink:

I’m on board that too, as fascinating as their terrain component new feature is,the rest seems less focused on ease than ue4 is, they are less for beginner aid to get up and running that other aspects of engine dev.

If you want to do water, forget it without shelling out money /mo- && if you want a ‘decent’ starting 3rd person char. also FORGET about it, they give you nothing. Cryengine does, UE4 does.

I’m also thorough disgusted with Unity on that front tho I have project I enjoy a lot but without a ‘decent’ 3rd person as ue4 is nice enough to provide, its impossible to test ones scenes. Yes there are options but none that have acceptable camera’s. I’ve wasted TONS of time I’ll never get back(tho learned more coding) on that problem.Yes there is a store option, but its far from perfect and OP won’t help, yet, given its ‘free’.

Unity last their direction since Unity 5. Let’s not even mention them lol. Unreal have some issues but there is always a workaround. Same can’t be applied with Unity.