4.24 crashes / fails to load when using desktop speakers - but works fine with headphones?

Experiencing something strange with 4.24 … If my audio is set to use my headphones (in my case, a Logitech Artemis G933) then I have no issues working in the Editor. However, if I have my desktop speakers running (thru a SoundBlasterZ card) then the Editor loads somewhere around 95% and crashes. Additionally, when I’m in the Editor on headphones and switch over to speakers, the editor also CTDs immediately. Another dev on our team has the opposite problem, where using his headset causes a crash and he is forced to work with his other speakers.

Anybody else experiencing this or have a solution?

The crash logs seem to be setting up sound parameters, and ends with this line here:
LogAudioMixer: Display: Audio Buffer Underrun detected

Btw, working with a clean project with the WindowsEngine.ini set as:

OK, I finally found the issue. This is a problem with the Oculus Audio plug-in. Removed that and things are back to normal. (We’re using WWise anyway). FYI, in case anybody experiences the same.

Here’s the assertion from the callstack in the crash reporter window:

Assertion failed: false [File: D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Plugins/Runtime/Oculus/OculusAudio/Source/OculusAudio/Private/OculusAmbisonicSpatializer.cpp] [Line: 128] Invalid number of channels. Input channels were 4 but should be 4, output channels were 6 but should be 2.