4.24 android test ads not work?

Hi developers. So far I have solved problems by reading and researching the sources. I did not ask questions unless necessary. But I’m giving up right now.

I tried everything in the documents.

I tried everything in the forum one by one.

I have never been able to show google test ads.

I tried the EasyAds plugin. But after packaging, I got the error stopped when starting the application.

I just want to put one interstitial ad, that’s all.

Can someone please show me the right way about it?

Here are my trial works;

Is there anyone to help?

Hello did you managed to make it work?

I solved it using a plugin. But I hope to solve it without plugin.

You might have to check the ndk. That needs to be configured properly if something is wrong there then it won’t work. I have it working on the 4.24

Thanks for your answers. I will review the project again.