4.24 and 4.24.1 won't start

We’ve been using Unreal since at least 4.18 in our firm and have had no issue. When anyone tries to launch 4.24, it will not start. There isn’t much information to be taken from the logs either. This is an issue that persists firmwide for us.

We have 100% nailed it down to something in our security settings is preventing 4.24 from proceeding from with the launch of the app. Even if we run the app as as admin, it still fails to launch.

Can anyone help with what may have changed in the way 4.24 launches compared to previous versions? Is it trying to reach out to a website/server that it hadn’t done before? Is it trying to write to a new place in the C drive?

We are all on updated graphics drivers, but we are about a year behind in Windows versions, we’re on 1809.