4.24.3 Package completed but can't run


I made a project like always but I don’t know why I can’t be able to run the package for windows 64… -_-

Is there any informations I missed ?

(I used the last Advanced Session plugin)

Here my logs :
link text

Try creating another C ++ project by copying the entire content folder and the config folder to the new project. It usually works for me.

I try it but not fix my problem…

But I saw inside the logs that the engine disable the steam subsystem… I think I going to fast with this project -_-

LogSteamShared: Display: Loading Steam SDK 1.46
LogSteamShared: Steam SDK Loaded!
LogOnline: OSS: Creating online subsystem instance for: Steam
LogOnline: Display: STEAM: OnlineSubsystemSteam::Shutdown()
LogOnline: OSS: Unable to create OnlineSubsystem module Steam
LogOnline: OSS: Creating online subsystem instance for: NULL
LogInit: WinSock: version 1.1 (2.2), MaxSocks=32767, MaxUdp=65467
LogOnline: OSS: TryLoadSubsystemAndSetDefault: Loaded subsystem for module [NULL]

it may block the run for the final product.

Fix it by making the project with 4.23… The plug in don’t work for me on 4.24 projects (I try to make some different 4.24 projects and no one work and I got the same issue)