4.23 Frame Rate Drop

Hi there!

I have just recently made the early move of migrating my project to version 4.23 for early development. I usually would not do this for such a new build but I was interested in a tool that was accessible for the newest version.

However, when I switched over my scene with an average of 110 frames on Smooth Frame rate it dropped drastically to 50-60 fps with no changes made to the level or actors. I also checked project settings and it seems everything is the same as well.

Is this a common issue or is there a way to possibly fix this? I may be switching back to 4.22 if not possible.

Thank you so much in advance!

It looks like 4.23.1 limits the frame rate to the refresh rate of the display. If you have a 60Hz monitor, the engine will be capped at 60fps.

EDIT: It seems like this capped frame rate behaviour is intermittent and depends on the setup. Might be worth a try to run t.maxFPS 90 and see if it increases the frame rate.

See if vsync is on. Try turning it off. I think that can be done through a console command as well. There are also blueprint nodes to do it by gwtting the game settings, changing vsync and then ApplySettings