4.23 and AMD radeon HD compatibility issue?

Hello, I have made an architectural visualization using UE4. This was January 2018. I had packaged that using the version of UE4 that was the latest at the time (maybe 4.18? I’m not sure). It played fine on my PC where I created it and on my laptop. Later I repackaged it with minor changes, using 4.21 or 4.22. Again it played fine on both systems. Now I made some more changes in the blueprints, they are mostly widget mechanics (show tooltips during play etc) and repackaged it. Now it plays fine on my Desktop, it plays on other people’s PCs but I get a Fatal Error when i try to run it on my laptop. Laptop’s GPU is an AMD Radeon HD 7400M series, and it has in i3 cpu and 4gb of ram but I don’t think these specs are relevant to the problem since it runs the older packages without any problem. I got the latest driver I can get for the GPU and there is no newer since it is now considered legacy by amd. Desktop has Windows 10 ver.1607 and Laptop has Windows 10 ver. 1809, both 64bit. Any thoughts to guide me on how to possibly fix it?

Thank you in advance.

update: On the exactly same laptop my brother has (only that one has Windows 7 instead of 10), the game ran perfectly. So this could narrow down the possible problems

update 2: I tried repairing all the Visual C++ redistributables and also I installed DX redist (June 2010) and still it does not run. It is frustrating.

Well I can tell you that’s well below the minimum requirements to run UE4

It surely is a very old gpu but don’t forget I mentioned it runs on the same laptop my brother has with Windows 7. Exactly same laptop, older OS. It does not run on my laptop that has windows 10 1909 (updated yesterday from 1809) and reinstalled all Visual C++ redist and DirectX redist (June 2010). Still it does not play.

Also don’t forget that previous packages of the same project (with a bit older UE4 versions), play fine. So from all these experimentation I came up that it probably is software related problem but I can’t find out what.