4.23 > 4.24.1

Upgrade I’d been wanting to do for some time finally went well, no more perf. issues, BUT under ThirdPersonBP >Blueprints, there are NO entries, yet they exist on ssd in unreal folders where they should be.

I’ve never seen a upgrade cause this,and I’ve gone through 10 + engine V’s.
On play, its a 1st person ( in 4.23 just imported into 4.24.1, its 3rd1), and if I add playerstart, on play, character starts in corner of map, and I’ve not even loaded any other levels yet to keep fps in solid ground.

Btw, when I don’t load playerstart, and its as noted a 1st person, its has ‘fly’ enabled and that as well makes no sense.

What may have gone wrong, is this a known issue ? Clearly 3rd person didn’t import correctly and /or has that changed in 4.24.1 sufficiently to cause this ?

Well, Id love to have known what caused this,but anyway just copied 4.23 items to 4.24.1 and luckily system saw them so its fine.