(4.22) Whenever I open my project, struct is converted to "Fallback Struct"

Not sure why this started happening but suddenly in a blueprint that hasn’t been modified in a long time whenever I load up my project I see this

I’m assuming something went wrong in the loading process and it couldn’t load the proper “InventoryEntry” struct it was supposed to so it converted it. If I mouse over the “Hotbar Data” on the spawn actor node, I see it’s looking for an array of Fallback Struct Structures for some reason

If I right click my Spawn Actor node and click Refresh Nodes then mouseover Hotbar Data again, I see that it’s been corrected and I can re-link everything. This is super obnoxious to have to do every time - is there anything I can do about it?

Edit: It’s these kinds of issues that really make me dislike UE4. The engine is clearly having an issue but instead of actually displaying what the issue is, the engine implements some kind of “patch” for it and pretends it never happened. There’s no support for the issue and nowhere to reliably turn for help. I’ve found several posts about this issue and all seem to have gone unresolved. The best people have come up with is re-naming (sometimes this works) or re-making the struct in question… which is a bit ridiculous to have to do.

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Been having this issue on 4.20 as well. I can fix it by going over the struct right clicking and going to Asset Actions > Reload. Problem is when the project is re-opened it reverts back to a Fallback struct and I can’t seem to find a proper solution.

Had this problem just now with 4.24
Reloading as you suggested fixed my problem. but please dear god don’t tell me I have to do this every time I open the project…

Checking the flag “SaveGame” in the struct variable solved it for me.


Holly cow! To be honest, I didn’t expect it to work but…it did! Thanks mate! It’s a problem I’ve been reading posts since 2014 and though I had already learnt why it was happening, nobody had a solution

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I just got exactly the same issue and it solved it thx a lot !

I did this, and it seemed to work, but when I tried to package my project those same structs were throwing errors that prevent me from packaging or cooking. When you do this, make a note of which structs you enabled save game for, in case it breaks like it did for me. What I had to do to fix this was to essentially reload everywhere my struct was call (by for example changing data table used then to switch back to the right one, so as to reset the output struct node). I’ve now got it all working, after going through which blueprints were throwing errors in the output log when packaging, and then reloading those structs