4.22 No Longer Need Instanced or Hierarchical Static Meshes?


I hope some one can answer this question for me. With 4.22 they changed the engine architecture to “Auto Instance Static Meshes”, Would there be any reason to manually use the Instanced or Hierarchical Static Meshes?

I did some testing with again Static Mesh vs. Instanced vs. Hierarchical Static Meshes and could not tell a difference in performance between them. If anything, just using regular static meshes was better performance.

I would much rather just use a regular static mesh than having to setup Instanced or Hierarchical Static Meshes.

Thank you, John

Results of a quick test:

Added 500 boxes in 3 different ways.


Actor BP= 880

Static Mesh Component = 447

HISM = 270

Memory and texture was about the same. The static mesh boxes was almost 5 times more triangles :0