4.22 Niagara Curl Noise Force broken

After upgrading to 4.22 all our effects using “Curl Noise Force” no longer work.

There was a change to “Solve Forces and Velocity” which may be to blame, this produced an error in the Niagara System, but ‘Fix Issue’ did not solve it.

Whilst the Niagara System runs, the effects of “Curl Noise Force” do not apply

As an additional test, i created a new system and added the Curn Noise Force, which is also not applying, so I dont think this is a result of upgrading

Curl noise has been changed and they stated in a recent livestream that past effects using Curl Noise would no longer work (in the long run the change is for the better).

You can find info here:…-4-22-released

I don’t know anymore than that I’m afraid.

Thanks for the reply,

saw the changes in the notes but it didn’t say the old module had been deprecated, nor was the script marked as deprecated :frowning:

I’ll try swapping to the new scripts.

If someone from Epic reads this - I would definitely suggest at the very least adding an error/deprecated message to the old module so people don’t get too confused :slight_smile:

Update - After some debugging I’ve found the module is in fact still working properly, but the impact of the values has changed significantly.

To get (roughly) the same results as 4.21, I had to reduce the Frequency by 90% (so 4 -> 0.4) and Force Strength by 70% (100 -> 30).

Hopefully that helps anyone with the same issue after upgrading :slight_smile:

Thanks for looping back around with those notes, @NVR_SamWhite!

I found a temporary fix by mistake while spamming buttons on 4.23 lol. Remove your curl noise force and also ‘drag’ if you have that already. Then add curl noise force - do the ‘fix issue’. Then apply ‘Drag’ and then again ‘fix issue’. This will make it work mysteriously. Only works if done exactly in this order so it is probably the ‘fix issue’ in curl noise that is broken currently. Fixing issue using ‘Drag’ seems to do the fixing properly for curl noise force.