4.22 FPS editor Issues

I would like some input on this issue i am experiencing. i made a map with heavy foliage placement. i use to get 120 fps no problem play testing it. i haven’t changed anything in the map, but then it seemed like every day i hopped on for the past 2 weeks, my project is getting slower. Yes i am building blueprints, how ever none of them are connected to any of my maps yet, but my fps is dropping like crazy. i went from 120 to 90, 60, 50, 40 and now 30fps. it doesn’t feel like 30fps as well. it feals like 5fps, very choppy. When i check my task manager, my CPU is averaging around 11% and gpu at 99%.

i thought maybe ray tracing was involved so i went into the editor and just turned it off. Did nothing.
When i change my lighting to unlit. i instantly go to 120 fps, with gpu at 40%

1700 amd
2080 nvidia
32gb ram
1tb 860 evo

Did you build the lighting?

Yes multiple times. Takes around 30m to build. Since it seams to be a issue in my lighting, the Gpu Visualizer says 70% is lighting. I checked my light sources. i only have 2. 1 for the sun, and one of the moon. both with a shadow resolution of 1.0

I think i fixed it! i deleted both of my light sources, and remade them. I will rebuild the lighting and update.

That fixed it. Recreating the light source, as if the last ones were corrupted or the baked lighting was messed up.