4.22 composure and shadow catching.

I wondered if anyone’s been using the new version of composure yet? I’m quite impressed with it and can get it to do most of the compositing I need except for one minor detail with shadow catching.

I’m using a white material as my ‘floor’ and ‘wall’ which my objects can cast shadows onto, then I can multiply that output onto my background plate to add shadows to it. It works well except I can’t make the material a perfect white - it’s fine where the light sources are strongest, but where the light falls off it creates a false shadow.

In short, what i really need is essentially an unlit white material that can receive shadows but not light. Anyone else found a solution to this, or is there a better way to catch shadows. (In my setup I have mask out my shadow casting geometry too - actually, maybe I don’t need to do this, thinking about it.).

I guess i’m really waiting for proper documentation or a sample project for the new composure - the shadow catching worked quite well in the last version’s example project but I had no idea how it was done.


haven’t tried composure, but what about adding color to emission to brighten it up? although the shadow strength may dim

Hi Dannington,

Did you find a solution to your question? I found myself also looking for the same answer. For instance, the ground plane in the attached image, the shadow is casted through dynamic lighting. Is there a method I can remove the portion that has no shadow? Something like a VrayMatt shader to allow the shadow to be rendered with alpha in the final comp. I would appreciate if someone can share some insight. Thanks!