4.22.2 Hotfix released

The 4.22.2 Hotfix is now live!

Feel free to discuss this release on the 4.22 forum thread.

If you experience a bug with the 4.22.2 Hotfix, please follow the How To Report a Bug Guide to report it on the UE4 Answerhub.

Fixed in 4.22.2

Fixed! UE-74044 Procedural Mesh performance regressed between 4.20 and 4.21
Fixed! UE-71931 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!UBlendSpaceBase::GetSamplesFromBlendInput(FVector const &,TArray<FBlendSampleData,FDefaultAllocator> &) [BlendSpaceBase.cpp:677]
Fixed! UE-74021 Animation sharing fails to initialise if the setup contains an Additive state
Fixed! UE-56953 Merging negative-scaled actors breaks materials
Fixed! UE-74722 Crash when loading an ambisonics-enabled spatialization plugin (Oculus Audio)
Fixed! UE-73346 TimeSynth dynamics setting is too aggressive
Fixed! UE-72585 Packaged content hangs when relaunching on Oculus Mobile device after Closing the application
Fixed! UE-74280 Crash in USoundClass::BeginDestroy when called by UnhashUnreachableObjects
Fixed! UE-74273 Active sound crash fix
Fixed! UE-74279 Audio mixer assert when unpausing the game
Fixed! UE-74716 Steam Audio Binaural Audio plugin renders silent audio
Fixed! UE-74169 AudioCapture plugin fails to link when Any Source File That Includes AudioCaptureInternal.h is excluded from Unity Build
Fixed! UE-73368 Crash upon opening packaged game when Event Driven Loader is disabled
Fixed! UE-74162 Generate project files fails with a non-descriptive error when MSBuild isn’t installed
Fixed! UE-74070 Missing resources on UnrealVersionSelector
Fixed! UE-74018 GitHub 5786 : UE-73480: search for MSBuild in VS2019 paths
Fixed! UE-74050 Empty UAT command line arguments are treated as command names
Fixed! UE-74036 Live Coding crash with CVars
Fixed! UE-72002 Live coding can crash as a result of static globals being reinitialized.
Fixed! UE-74365 cl-filter can fail to parse “Note: including file:” output from compiler on Windows
Fixed! UE-74304 GitHub 5809 : Modifying UActorFactory GetDefaultActor and GetDefaultActorClass so that the override NewActorClassName is always applied.
Fixed! UE-74397 Cannot set FVector values in a “Make Struct” node in Blueprint
Fixed! UE-74401 CLONE - Crash in UEditorEngine::CheckForWorldGCLeaks
Fixed! UE-74765 Crash: nullptr in FindViewComponentForActor when ActorComponent is attached to Character with Camera Component.
Fixed! UE-73422 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-BlueprintGraph!BlueprintActionDatabaseImpl::AddClassFunctionActions [BlueprintActionDatabase.cpp:642]
Fixed! UE-73069 [CrashReport]!FBlueprintEditorUtils::PatchNewCDOIntoLinker(UObject*, FLinkerLoad*, int, FUObjectSerializeContext*) [BlueprintEditorUtils.cpp:724]
Fixed! UE-74152 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!UObject::Rename(wchar_t const *,UObject *,unsigned int) [Obj.cpp:166] (Within violation while renaming a REINST)
Fixed! UE-72605 Component names do not increment correctly when duplicating a component whose name ends with a number
Fixed! UE-73157 Crash undoing placing two components in the UCS at once
Fixed! UE-73060 Cannot map local player to unique net ID warning when creating or finding sessions in QAGame
Fixed! UE-73253 Build failure on certain Windows SDKs
Fixed! UE-71283 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FPhysicsCommand_PhysX::ExecuteRead(USkeletalMeshComponent *,TFunctionRef<void >) [PhysicsInterfacePhysX.cpp:575]
Fixed! UE-73471 Issue with CompositeUI RT WriteMask changes
Fixed! UE-74166 GitHub 5794 : Git-ignoring clang files on Linux.
Fixed! UE-73036 Crash launching TM-ShaderModels -game referencing VulkanMemory.cpp:243
Fixed! UE-72888 “Support Compute Skincache” throws an Assert for games on Linux
Fixed! UE-73337 Linux games have r.RHICmdBypass set to 1 by default
Fixed! UE-73485 “Invalid resource entry creating uniform buffer” when running Vulkan on Mobile
Fixed! UE-72432 Mobile Preview - Higher Gamma in 4.22+
Fixed! UE-71914 Packaging code projects in Shipping configuration from Mac fails if there is a space in the project path
Fixed! UE-73030 DeploymentServerLauncher crash with multiple editor sessions
Fixed! UE-72100 tvOS For Distribution packages fail with Code Signing Error if made after a Development Build
Fixed! UE-71192 Packaged SimpleComposure sample freezes entire Mac on open
Fixed! UE-74231 Editor hangs on texture streaming
Fixed! UE-74505 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FDebugViewModeMaterialProxy::FDebugViewModeMaterialProxy(UMaterialInterface *,EMaterialQualityLevel::Type,ERHIFeatureLevel::Type,bool,EDebugViewShaderMode) [DebugViewModeMaterialProxy.cpp:64]
Fixed! UE-73403 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Engine!FDebugViewModeMaterialProxy::FDebugViewModeMaterialProxy(UMaterialInterface *,EMaterialQualityLevel::Type,ERHIFeatureLevel::Type,bool,EDebugViewShaderMode) [DebugViewModeMaterialProxy.cpp:64]
Fixed! UE-73090 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-Renderer!FMaterialShader::VerifyExpressionAndShaderMaps(FMaterialRenderProxy const *,FMaterial const &,FUniformExpressionCache const *) [ShaderBaseClasses.cpp:165]
Fixed! UE-72123 Assertion failed: !BatchElement.IndexBuffer || (BatchElement.IndexBuffer && BatchElement.IndexBuffer->IsInitialized() && BatchElement.IndexBuffer->IndexBufferRHI)
Fixed! UE-74432 Area light sources aren’t visible in reflection captures
Fixed! UE-72472 Materials Draw through a HUD blueprint do not update when collections Parameter are used
Fixed! UE-74097 Niagara GPU particles will always have a lifetime of one second if they use a Collision Module
Fixed! UE-74076 Crash on RTX Laptop with ray tracing and -d3ddebug
Fixed! UE-74631 Energy explosion in ray tracing global illumination pass in 4.22
Fixed! UE-73440 No warning or ensure when running with Ray Tracing but not Skin Cache
Fixed! UE-73033 Path Traced environment is too bright with PreExposure enabled
Fixed! UE-72767 Hang when editing static mesh with Alianware laptop (2070MaxQ) with RTX on
Fixed! UE-74801 Enabling raytracing does not enable skin cache automatically if the ini file is set to read only
Fixed! UE-74331 Fix crash when using SF_AnisotropicLinear on some RHIs
Fixed! UE-74387 UE4 crashes without a clear message when running with -d3ddebug in dx12 without the Windows Graphics tools installed
Fixed! UE-74141 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-RHI!FRHIResource::IsCommitted() [RHIResources.h:100]
Fixed! UE-74075 Editor freezes on RTX laptop in DX12 mode
Fixed! UE-74532 Fix Vulkan validation messages not getting through
Fixed! UE-68812 When rendering out TM-TrackEvaluation we do not hear audio
Fixed! UE-73242 Sequencer - Pressing Add Key on Rotation-Yaw increases the key value exponentially
Fixed! UE-59331 Adding a section with mesh editor mode lead to a staticmesh editor crash
Fixed! UE-74151 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MessageLog!FMessageLogListingModel::AddMessageInternal(TSharedRef<FTokenizedMessage,0> const &,bool) [MessageLogListingModel.cpp:63]
Fixed! UE-73420 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-MeshMergeUtilities!FMeshMergeHelpers::AppendRawMesh(FMeshDescription &,FMeshDescription const &) [MeshMergeHelpers.cpp:1204]
Fixed! UE-73407 [CrashReport] UE4Editor-CoreUObject!`anonymous namespace’::StaticFindObjectWithChangedLegacyPath [UObjectGlobals.cpp:203]
Fixed! UE-73484 Moving forward via the scroll wheel will cause the loss of movement in the viewport
Fixed! UE-71559 Different Load Orders affect Shadows on Foliage & HISM
Fixed! UE-72498 Landscape Grass No Longer Casts a Shadow with “Use Landscape Lightmap” Enabled
Fixed! UE-73243 GitHub 5761 : Landscape Grass “Use Landscape Lightmap” fix.
Fixed! UE-62487 [CrashReport] UE4Editor_Engine!FMaterialResource::GetMaterialDomain() [materialshared.cpp:851]
Fixed! UE-74358 nDisplay: Incorrect error handling in FDisplayClusterGameManager::GetProjectionScreenData results in a crash
Fixed! UE-74324 Crash When Re-running a python script that creates a struct
Fixed! UE-70972 Crash in Edit Mode after Static Mesh Proxy creation
Fixed! UE-74064 AJA Blackmagic plugin version should be bumped to 2 prior to release the next update
Fixed! UE-73247 Freeze when re-enabling Audio Tracks after being disabled while GPU Hardware Acceleration is activated
Fixed! UE-64490 8bits and 10bits media texture shouldn’t have sRGB conversion by default
Fixed! UE-74083 World locked Stereo Layers in SteamVR behave as tracker lock layers
Fixed! UE-74640 Fix projection matrix in OpenXR plugin for future runtimes
Fixed! UE-73237 Disable VR Mode for OpenXR
Fixed! UE-73481 Assertion failed after closing project on Oculus Mobile - Referencing AudioMixerSourceManager.cpp:300