4.21 plugin not packaging properly in 4.22

Hi Guys,

so i created a plugin in 4.21, i upgraded the project to 4.22 and re-ran the generate project solution files

when i package the plugin it goes through fine, no new warnings i didn’t have already. I copy the plugin to the runtime directory as normal but any time i try and use it, it says plugin missing or compiled with a different version?

I created a new project and tried to use it and same issue.

furthering this, compiling from source again and packaging I notice that the usual Intermediate\Build\Win64\UE4Editor\Development folder that contains the lib is missing after packaging the plugin.

Has the packaging routine changed? am i missing something.

I have also tried creating a new project and a brand new plugin and I still get the same issue?

any help would be great
kind regards

so i take it no one else is having issues compiling/packaging their own plugins, it is literally just me?

the same here.
did you found a solution?

I am having this trouble as well. Packages just fine, “missing or compiled with a different version”

Assuming you

  1. Edited .uplugin description and changed
  2. Right Click uproject and change engine version.
  3. Generated Project File,
  4. then did a Clean in Visual Studio,
    5)and then a build?

Not seeing an EngineAssociation line in the .uplugin, did a clean and a build for each configuration, then repackaged, same issue.

In the .uproject file I did find “EngineAssociation”: “4.22”,

sorry meant “EngineVersion”: “4.22.0” in uplugin

I added that to it, then cleaned and built again. Copied the packaged plugin to the plugins directory of ue_4.22, created a new project, saw the plugin added, enabled the plugin, restarted, says missing or built with a different version.

Here! Here! Me too. …

I struggled also with this and the only way it worked, was that I did not package the plugin, but copied the PluginContent AFTER a BatchBuild from VS2017 to the “/Engine/Plugins/” - Folder. After that my Project started with activated Plugin. Otherwise it wants to Rebuild and then fail to compile, like you mention above.

That has worked for me before, but if you try to package the project that includes the plugin this way, that will fail in my experience.

Hmm. Maeh. Didn´t try it, because I don´t need it yet. But I hope we’ll find a solution soon. Let us know here, when we have a solution.

After a lot of messing with it, I discovered a solution that seems to work. Please do note this only worked when I whitelisted Win32, Win64, and Linux in the .uplugin file, built for development and shipping, and used a batch file to package the plugin. The content of the batch file is simple enough:

"C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.22\Engine\Build\BatchFiles\RunUAT.bat" BuildPlugin -Plugin="C:\Path\To\Plugin\ThePlugin.uplugin" -Package="C:\Other\Directory\PluginPackaged" -ThePlugin

And that works. Here, anyway. For some reason.

4.22.1 fixed this for me, i had opened a ticket for the developers and it seems to be working now, it was apparently adding a prefix or suffix during the build process and that was causing it to read the wrong name and not include what was needed :), currently works again in 4.22.2 as well