[4.21] Layered Materials > Blending Physical or Subsurface Profiles (?)


My current understanding is Material blending requires MaterialFunctions, however MF’s have limitations. (correct?)

I’d like to additionally blend/layer separate physcial or subsurface profiles using masks.
Is there further documentation regarding this or would this be part of the limitations to MaterialFunctions?

Thanks in Advance!


No. Material Layers were an experimental feature and are abandoned

Thank you for the response.

I see that the option for “Material Layers” in the drop down does not show like in the videos.

I’m not sure I understand as I’m able to create layered materials in 4.21 with MaterialFunctions, I’m just trying to figure if/how to include mulitple subsurface or physical profiles to the Master Material/s.

Please pardon my confusion, but are you saying the feature hasn’t been removed completely, but support and further development of the feature has been abandoned?

Is layered materials & layering material functions in a material (2) different features?

It’s not removed, but it’s also not being actively developed for the foreseeable future. And as far as I know, Physical Materials and Sub-Surface Profiles are limited to one per material. They can’t be accessed in the material graph and are only associated with the material object.

Thank you for clarifying, much appreciated.