4.20 Virtual Camera Project and Plugin

Also interested if anyone could post the main steps needed to do this?
I never found a solution either to stop the Unreal Remote 2 app freezing. I wonder if this is why the vive option was removed from 4.22?

Hey All,

Im having issues connecting the remote 2 app to my unreal. I downloaded the test project on the document page, made sure everything was correct based on the tutorial but still when I enter in my IP address and try to get it to connect it just sits on the “connecting” screen. Is there something im missing? Do I need to set something up on the app before hand?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hey All,
I have the the Vcam app working great and seems to be connected correctly to the Ipad. The issue is when i try to record, the recording begins and i see the track being recorded in sequencer but when i stop the recording the track disappears. I suspect its me being dumb but has anyone got any advice?


I just start to study unreal engine 3 month ago and want to learn in virtual production.

My test:

I use IPad Mini to be the virtual camera by arkit. Everything is fine when I just idle animation on the mannequin.(test video in 0:00-1:10).
However, I put another animation, like run, walk & jump on the mannequin, then my computer is lag when I capture my camera.(test video in 1:52-3:00)
I don’t know is me misunderstand something or some setting in the project I was missed.
Or can I reduce the fps and the quality of play mode just like the viewport that can display in wireframe and switch off the motion blur?

here is the link of the project:…1O?usp=sharing

Hopefully anyone can give me some advice. Thank you.

Hey everyone, just got the app for iPad Air 2 and it connects to show the interface but does not have any rotation/gyroscope input from the iPad. I see others have had this issue. I’ve tried with and without the extra lines in the DefaultEngine.ini . Anyone figure this out yet?