4.20 Simple move to Location to ignore capsule radius

Hello, i am frankly new to Unreal Engine so this may be really easy question, but i cannot figure it out.

After updating project from 4.19 to 4.20 my main character doesn’t respond to my WSAD input.
Upon couple hours i have came upon a breaktrough.

Issuing a “Simple move to Location” to character, having goal inside this actors Capsule component radius, generates behaviour of completely ignoring the “Simple move to Location”.

Issuing Simple move to Location to character outside of it’s CapsuleComponent radius produces regular behaviour, the unit finds and moves to goal location.

I require the Simple move to Location, even if issued to move 1pixel to left, i want the character to path 1 pixel to left, even if it’s in his Capsule component radius.
Is there a way for Simple move to Location to ignore charcters CapsuleComponent radius?

You can reproduce the result by creating new TopDown project, and using mouse to move character.
When mouse click is too close to character he will ignore the move command.

the Move to location or Actor node has more options like “Acceptance radius” and “stop on overlap” that might help you get the result you want. there is also an option on the character movement component called “Nav agent radius” that defines how big your actor is seen to the pathing queries. hope that helps :slight_smile:

Move to location or Actor uses AI controller, i am using player actor, with Player Controller.
I tried modifying and testing behavior changing values in CharacterMovement, and CapsuleComponent none provided with desired result.

I just settled with changing actors CapsuleComponent CapsuleRadius to 1