4.20 Replay Issue

Im having a strange issue ever since updating my project to 4.20.

My replay system (based off the unreal wiki tutorial page) stopped working all together. I can record gameplay and save it, and then view the different clips from the menu. but when i play one, it spawns me at 0,0,0 location with no pawn and no ability to control anything. I then have to restart the game to get back to the main menu.

Has anyone on here had a similar experience with the replay system giving them this problem? Im thinking something has changed on the back end for the game instance when calling the functions in C++ since 4.20 was the version unreal added more support for the replay system from fortnite…

Heres the tutorial i followed to setup my tutorial system.

This happened to me when I didn’t set the replay controller class in the game mode. If its the default player controller and its still not working consider making your own controller class and giving yourself controls through that.

I have a custom replay controller setup and used in both my main gameMode blueprint, as well as my menu gameMode blueprint. I use the menu blueprint from the main menu to access the replays. But still no luck. Even tried setting the custom replay controller class to the default “player controller” class and still the same result. :’(