4.20 is so broken

I was wondering, are you going to make 4.20 usable or do I need to return to 4.19? Which sucks because 4.19 doesn’t have the one awesome thing that 4.20 found added: the rec light.

I mean the launcher has slowly declined in functionality throughout the years. All the game spam and tabs that should have been on a game launcher have just interfered with my dev when opening it. You have only made that worse and the marketplace has messed up so many of projects by refusing the add to a product and gleefully overwrites the project. The point is I have used this engine since it was opened to subscription and it has just degraded on every level.

Oh yeah and the content browser is still broken. But I have explained to you epic many times throughout the years what del, copy, and move actually are suppose to do.

So my question is epic? Should I downgrade and loose the sexy new areaish lighting?