4.20 is not showing up in my library?

Hi there,

For some reason my 4.20 does not show in my library. I can start it by going to the .exe file but not from my library. Also when I try to add a new version it can only add up to 4.16? which is really weird.

Hi all, ok after doing a lot of searching and checking where all the files go I found that if you delete the manifest files in C:\ProgramData\Epic\EpicGamesLauncher (which houses the manifest files for each new version of the engine, it re-looks for the newest version and makes it installable. Hope this helps others.


No idea why that happens, but how does this have -1 answers? XD

problem with this is if you have the engine installed, then u gotta uninstall it to reinstall it, and the issue still persists

Yes unfortunately I still can’t fix it even after I reinstall??? This is a pretty big issue as I can’t see any new updates of the engine?