4.20 Crashes constantly

I dont know if this is a bug but I have had crashes constantly with 4.20. Its nearly unworkable! I keep on saving 11 GBs of work every time and still it crashes and will not reopen the files?! I have lost tons of work and I’m getting really tired!

Here is the screenshot of my latest crash. I managed to delete the saved config and intermediate folders and open the file but it will crash every time I attempt to open the map. I had a lot of confidence in ue4 but after having continuous crashing issues I have to say that I’m losing my faith in the engine!

Any help appreciated…

Is there nobody that can help? Thanks

Very disappointed in Unreal right now! I’m wandering if its worth the effort of continuing using it if life becomes an endless saving and testing in case an asset has been corrupted…every day feels like ground hog day!!! Pity and I was liking it at first…just had another crash!!! I’m not a giver upper but this is not how I want to work…last chance anybody?

Hi, I encountered this problem yesterday after updating macOS to Mojave. UE4 4.19 wouldn’t stop crashing when or immediately after being launched. I assumed it was a system incompatibility so I installed UE4 4.20 and transferred the project as a copy to the new version. After that there were no more crashes.
Maybe your OS is the problem, so an update might fix the problem. As mine is new has no problems with 4.20 but did with 4.19, your OS might be too old and not work with 4.20, but can handle older versions.

4.21 is crashing every other time I fire it up. What’s up with that?