[4.2] Where did bEnableFOVScaling go in UPlayerInput?

It has poof disappeared. Any sightings elsewhere?

All I see in the release notes is this: “New: Mouse smoothing based on FOV properties now available in Input Project Settings.”. Once I get things compiled, I’ll see if there is an option for FOV scaling…

Dear Dmacesic,

I found this in the 4.2 code base for you (PlayerInput.cpp):

**const UInputSettings* DefaultInputSettings = GetDefault<UInputSettings>();**

// Take FOV into account (lower FOV == less sensitivity).
APlayerController const* const PlayerController = GetOuterAPlayerController();

float const FOVScale = (**DefaultInputSettings->bEnableFOVScaling** && PlayerController->PlayerCameraManager) ? (DefaultInputSettings->FOVScale*PlayerController->PlayerCameraManager->GetFOVAngle()) : 1.0f;

NewVal *= FOVScale;

you might want also want to check out InputSettings.h

The code above is the only reference I found in the whole code base!

Thanks Rama. Unfortunately that access method is const. However, I found it in the Project Settings - Input:

Looks like you can’t change it easily programmatically any more…

yea you need to hear from Marc Audy on this one

I am sure he’d know what to do



If you want to change it programmatically you can use GetMutableDefault.

I didn’t think this the kind of thing that would change dynamically, however, something similar to the axis and action arrays in player input could be done with these settings too if manipulation of this directly in player input independent of the project settings was needed.

Understood. In my case I need a way for the player to toggle “slow/fast panning” when zooming in, and the FOV scaling mechanic avoided extra code.

Thanks for the info Marc! I will remember GetMutableDefault :slight_smile: