4.2 vehicle issue


I finally decided to play about with the new vehicle samples/systems, first i tried the samples (template/driving game) to see the differences compared to how it used to be witch other then the slightly off physics was fine, then i updated an old project and that was ok, the I decided to do some testing with the skeletal controls, I made a car, imported it and got it driving ok but it has this wierd twitching problem, here is a vid that shows what i mean.


anyone know whats causing it?


forgot to sy, i followed 's video.

Hi ,

This could be caused by your default map flooring. BSP’s tend to have odd collision when spread out too far, try pressing multiple bsp’s together instead of one large one and see if that fixes the twitching.

Is it possible your car’s body is hitting the ground? the command show collision will render the collision box of the car.

thanks for the answers.

@, the ground in the vid is a bsp I converted to a static mesh, however I did just try using a few smaller bsp blocks and it made no difference, I also tried a landscape but same thing.

@, where do I put that command in?

when running the game hit ~ which will bring up a command line.

ok for some reason I had to use the ` key instead of ~ to get the command line but I did it and took a screenshot, here’s the pic.

It doesn’t look like its hitting the ground, I do get the thing where my car raises up while driving that used to happen with the old vehicle template from the beta as well, that might have something to do with it. Its also weird because had no problems messing about with the new vehicle templates suspension settings and I checked the way I set up my vehicle against the way you set up the vehicle in your vids and it was the same.

Can you post screenshots of your wheel setups? I’ve seen something like this when the shocks of the car were badly tuned. Are you using the default wheel settings? Is it possible you haven’t set the right radius for your tire shape?