4.2 Compiling Issues After Adding Plugins To Project

Hey Epic,

I am having a couple issues compiling the new 4.2 release. I was able to compile both the Development Editor and Debug Editor configurations but when I added my plugins from 4.1.1, I get the following warnings which throws an error…

Warning 2 The element ‘ItemGroup’ in namespace ‘’ has invalid child element ‘NMakeNativeOutput’ in namespace ‘’. List of possible elements expected: ‘Item, Reference, COMReference, COMFileReference, Xdcmake, Bscmake, ClCompile, ClInclude, Midl, ResourceCompile, PreLinkEvent, CustomBuildStep, Manifest, ProjectConfiguration, ProjectCapability, NativeReference, ProjectReference, Compile, EmbeddedResource, Content, Page, Resource, ApplicationDefinition, None, BaseApplicationManifest, Folder, Import, Service, WebReferences, WebReferenceUrl, FileAssociation, BootstrapperFile, PublishFile, PRIResource, AppxSystemBinary, AppxReservedFileName, AppxManifestFileNameQuery, AppxManifest, StoreAssociationFile, CodeAnalysisDependentAssemblyPaths, CodeAnalysisDictionary, CodeAnalysisImport, Link, ResourceCompile, PreBuildEvent, PostBuildEvent’ in namespace ‘’. C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\V120\Microsoft.MakeFile.Targets 61 8 Miscellaneous Files

Any ideas? Thanks :slight_smile: