4.2 Blueprint Pin Lines Not Lightning Up Properly When There Are Copies

Hello everyone!

I just started working on 4.2 and immediately noticed something. Here is the story.

In BluePrints_Advanced map of Content Examples, there is the opening/closing Door blueprint. Now, here is the problem. If I copy and paste the blueprint in the map and open the Door Blueprint’s Event Graph, the node connecting pin lines will light up only for one of the doors. So the display is only for one, not for all Door Blueprints. This causes a large problem for me as if I want to check if the first door is working or not;

1.)I have to close the blueprint window
2.)Chose that door
3.)In the details tab, chose (Edit BP_Door)
4.)Press Play

I also tried opening up the blueprint from the content browser to see if the problem exsist, and yes, at event graph, only the last placed door’s pins light up, not the rest. This also happens on all blueprints, not just the door.

I also want to show it with pictures in case I am not clear enough. :slight_smile:

On the screen, at left side is the event graph I opened up from Content Browser by chosing the door blueprint. Right side is the door I copy pasted beside the original door. You see, the pin lines light up correctly.

Now I go for the first and original door blueprint, you see it works all fine, but the pin lines do not respond. :frowning:

I really apologise if it’s not a bug and a feature, I tried checking the net for any changes but I couldn’t see it. This doesn’t happen at 4.1 version of UE4.

Also, everything works fine, it’s just the lines doesn’t react for all the copies.

Thank you for your time and reading!

A little bit bump… Can someone at least check it for me? I wonder if I should reinstall UE4 just for this… :frowning:

Oh, sorry, thank you for the information. Just found out how it works and all! ^^

Hi Achilleon,

This is working as intended. In the blueprints window there is a debug dropdown menu in which you can quickly switch between different copies of the door. This is located next to the play button in the toolbar.