4.2 :: Admob, Achievements and leaderboards oh my!

hey again, not sure if this will help you at all but have you tried using the source from the master branch? i noticed a fix they did when i was looking through change logs
“Fixed crash on startup on android. Google play structures getting stripped from gameactivity so reflection was failing to initialize in deployment builds.”

not sure if that will solve your black screen error, but worth a go right?

I have tried every branch from source. The latest master and 4.3 (with commits from today 11-07-2014 ) don’t even compile and give a bunch of error’s . Guess we have to wait and hope they fill fix the issues for the official 4.3 (I doubt they will)

Got most of it working now as well.

Google play services works (login hello screen etc)

Leaderboards screen works although I haven’t been able to write to it yet

Rate screen works (re-direct to play store)

So I’m stuck at the same part as you now

-> writing to the leaderboards

-> writing to the achievements

Hope I can progress some more later today.

I have something strange going on today, if i use the launch button in engine it installs no problem, however if i package with distribution on and shipping mode enabled, i cant get the game to run at all. tried the batch but they come with certificate errors. tried uploading to the play store and still doesnt run, it installs but just crashes at startup. :confused:
also im trying to get my build under 50mb, i only have 3 textures in the whole game, and very few basic assets :S yet my .obb file is 80+ mb! i do get this pop up when uploading to the play store
but i have no idea how to compress my .obb

Made some progress @ KRushin

I’m able to write to the leaderboards now. I’m currently looking into the achievements keep you updated.

Hi LukeMarkBrady,

Can you please make a post on the answerhub so we can track this at Thank you!

That awesome killer! Glad you got it all working. Been working on my thesis so i haven’t had too much time to dive back into the mobile/android side. I have an prototype i started in 4.3. I’ll post videos of converting it to be play store ready with ads/leaderboard/achievements when i get to it :slight_smile:

Thanks KRushin.

I was thinking about doing the same. At this moment I’m still working on the achievements. It seems to be the hardest part with pulling them from the play services / caching them / comparing the local saved stuff with the online achievements etc. As I said before Ill keep this topic updated. Hope I can make some progress with the achievements today.

So I did make a lot of progress. As of today I got the achievements working as well :slight_smile: … I’m now finalizing the game so I can start a Open beta test before making it final and uploading it to the Google Play Store. If it all goes well I hope to have some documentation on these subjects ready next weekend.

Got the beta uploaded for anybody that want’s to give it a try.

The public beta of Balloony PoP has now been uploaded. Everybody can join the beta test and play the game before it’s official release.

To participate in the Balloony PoP beta please join the “Do Not Argue Toxic Games - Beta Testing Grounds” by following this link:

After joining the community be sure to accept the testing Opt-In by following this link:

It can take up to several hours before Balloony PoP is available for download after you joined the community and accepted the Opt-In (please be patient)

The Opt-In link will only work after you have joined the be “Do Not Argue Toxic Games - Beta Testing Grounds” community on Google+

NOTE: Balloony PoP at this moment is Android only. I hope to add iOS support in the near future. Also keep in mind this is a beta. It means I can not guarantee 100% compatibility with all devices. If you have any feedback/suggestions or criticism please use the “Do Not Argue Toxic Games - Beta Testing Grounds” to provide it.





hi KillerSneak,

Tried this out for you on my Samsung Galaxy S2 and was running fine :slight_smile: Will have a beta link up for my little project soon just struggling with some final achievement implementation … :slight_smile:

Good to hear and thanks. I’m still finalizing it. Some achievements don’t seem to unlock at this moment (the pop 100x balloons/planes/shuttle). I also have a problem with the music stopping once a round is over instead of just keep playing. The music i think stops as soon as AdMob shows a add banner (still investigating) and the 100x pop achievements I don’t know at this stage. I’m still working on it.

Would love to hear how you got the achievements working. Anyways I’ve finished my blueprint based android game! Less than 50mb too. Try and rate if you can :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Don’t know if you still need help with this or not? If so please let me know so I can write up a tutorial about it.

Hey KillerSneak,

It would be great if you could write a tutorial. I’ve gotten leaderboard to work, but achievements doesn’t seem to work for me.

I’ve used a consistent naming scheme and the ids from Google Play have been entered.

Does it matter how I set up the achievement? Does it have to be incremental?

It doesn’t have to be incremental, the incremental setting will only show the % done for the achievement (hope i make sense) like 90% of 100% done for scoring 100 points total (meaning you have scored 90 up till now).

I will try to get a tutorial online this weekend.