4.2.1 Hotfix

UPDATE: 6-17-2014

This Hotfix (4.2.1) addresses several known bugs.

4.2.1 Update Fixes:

  • Fixed texture streaming for static meshes with multiple LODs when exceeding the default 1gb texture pool.
  • Fixed Paper2D flipbook components and tile map actors not rendering, sprite color not taking effect.
  • [XB1] Fixed particles rendering as black when bounds were zero.
  • Fixed OnSuccess and OnFail outputs not triggering for AI Move To blueprint node.
  • Prevent triggers blocking projectiles in first-person template.
  • [iOS] Some projects would fail to launch on device.
  • [PS4] Packaging in shipping would not create executable.
  • [Mac] Added Subversion binaries to default install.

If you were using the 4.2.1 Hotfix preview, please make sure to remove the applabel: -applabel=Production-HotfixPreview421 from your launcher.

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