[4.2.1] Broken key consuming

Here I have a level blueprint listening for two keyboard inputs, ‘Use’ (F) and ‘ToggleFlashlight’ (Shift + F)

With this setup the key consuming mechanic works as expected, printing the correct keys, ‘F’ and ‘Shift + F’ when I press them.

Now if I listen for Shift + F in my players character blueprint instead and leave the F listener in the level blueprint, pressing Shift + F will print ‘F’. So a key without a modifier consumed a key with a modifier.

When both of the listeners are in the same blueprint then they work correctly. This problem is going to be either impossible or super hard to fix. It technically works as intended.

Hey Benjiko99,

Good find. I’m reporting this issue internally and we’ll get someone on it ASAP.



Actually, can you check something for me? In your level blueprint, click on the InputAction node. Do you see this in the bottom left corner of the window?


If so, please check ‘Consume Input’ to off. That should fix your problem.