4.19 shows weird behavior on a low-end mobile device.

Hello everyone. Hope you’re having a good day.

So far I 've been using 4.17.2. Never had any problem with initial launching and the command “r.mobile.tonemapperfilm 1” works as expected on Samsung Galaxy S4.
On 4.19, on the other hand, I noticed 2 weird behaviors.

  1. Right after the launch is complete(i.e. when the launched project is running on a device for the first time), it looks like the camera is zoomed in very close to a mesh and I can’t control the pawn. The default virtual joystick doesn’t even appear on the screen.
    Only when I terminate the project and relaunch, the screen gets rendered correctly and the joysticks show up.

  2. When I type in “r.mobile.tonemapperfilm 1”, the screen turns black. Nothing gets rendered.
    If I change the value to 0, then the rendered screen shows up again.

Tested on Samsung Galaxy S4 with Mobile HDR enabled.
It was a clean project without any plugin and not a single thing was changed in both project settings and editor preference.

I asked about this on the answerhub but nobody seems to show any interest…

Also filed a bug report some time ago but didn’t get any feedback :confused:

It’s driving me crazy. Anyone knows how to fix this?
Am I the only one experiencing this issue?

The problem didn’t go away in 4.19.2.

Seriously, anyone?