4.19 gameworks need help enabling GRB'S

I made a video that basically explains its all. I was given explicit instructions on how to do this by a person from Nvidia but i think i suck at visual studio! lol

so basically I am trying to enable the unofficial gpu accelerated rigid bodies functionality.

E0020 identifier “PCudaContextManager” is undefined PhysicsPublic.h
E0020 identifier “GCudaContextManager” is undefined PhysicsPublic.h
E0020 identifier “PCookingParams” is undefined PhysLevel.cpp

fixed E0020 identifier “PCudaContextManager” is undefined PhysicsPublic.h
also fixed some other problems where i copy pasted so it had a 0x0a invalid namespace thingy so i backspaced and put the code back in the right place
and now i get…

fixed that and now i get …arggh!! hahaa

PCookingParams undeclared identifier

so the part i am stuck on is…
GCudaContextManager = PxCreateCudaContextManager(*GPhysXFoundation, CudaContextManagerDesc); //added by r
i cannot for the life of me figure out how to define or input the proper headers for GCudaContextManager as i have no clue where it is trying to call from

i figured it out. now i’m stuck at… PCookingParams and i definitely have no clue where it comes from.
edit! apparently it is derived from PxCooking.h header file and i added that into the headers but i don’t know how to declare/define it.

I got it all working and for some reason PCookingParams.buildGPUData = true;
was only accepted in PhysXCooking.cpp as i had thought it belonged in another location…whoops! now all i have to do is reinstall my graphics driver because of some other unrelated problem with nvidia display driver. hopefully someone else in the future can see this. if you need any help with doing this i will be able to help you if you prefer to accelerate rigid bodies on your Nvidia graphics card!

if you want to check out grb’s running in my videogame using the older UDK which i still love check out the link below!