4.19 can't build lighting with rendering preview set to android, on any project

Hello everybody, So I just came across this huge problem and I don’t know what to do.
The build option is greyed out if I select android as preview rendering level, so when I build my game and open it on my device there is not light built.
I tried this even with the zen garden project made by epic and I just can’t click it.

I seriously need help with this, I cant downgrade the project to 4.18 (which does build), or most of my content will not work!

Thank you in advance you kind people

You need to change the preview level back to SM5 and then the lighting build button will work again.

Thank you [USER=“868”]Sam Deiter[/USER] I tried this, I switched between preview but if I am using the android one I still can’t build and most importantly If i package the project in the final game the light is not backed, even if i backed it when in sm5 preview. I don’t get it, does anyone else have this problem with 4.19 and mobile?
This is not just for one project and it workd in 4.18, I can bake light in android preview

Can you make a small project using 4.19 that has this issue and upload it for us to take a look at? I ran into something that sounds similar but was able to solve it by building the level lighting in SM5 and then going back to the Android previewer. When launched on the device I was able to see the baked lighting so I am not sure what could be causing your issue.

Will do and come back, thank you

Hi Sam:
I have a same problem.
I build lighting in SM5. but i lose bake information(GI,AO) when i switch High-end mobile preview. and i cant click build button.

Could you please how to fix it?

I actually noticed that in 4.20 it works fine again but you need to build first in sm5 before switching