4.19.2 File opens fine on PC but crashes on mac

So I am working on an archviz project, this is being built on a PC but I need to copy the source files to Mac to export for Mac. The file opens, runs, packages fine on PC. Once I copy the folder and attempt to open on the Mac I get a crash when the editor starts up. Most of the time the editor crashes at 35% loaded.

I have tinkered and managed to launch the file when I deleted all of my blueprints. This project has an intro screen, a main menu level which loads a widget navigation which the loads one of two archviz levels. If i delete all these intro and menu screens and associated BP’s I can get the main two levels to load.

Can anyone help?

Macs specs are…

i7 2.8GHZ
AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB & Intel Iris Pro 1536MB


After coping your project, delete the following folders in your project:

  • Intermediate
  • Binaries
  • Build
  • Saved
  • Staging

After that, if you start your project unreal will ask you to compile the project. Click yes and hopefully everything works as expected.

PS: If you use a CVS (git, svn, whatever) its easier to share your project on more machines and even platforms.

Thank-you, worked a charm!