4.18 Struggling to create trace effect for linetrace weapon

Hey guys,

I’m trying to use all the resources i have to crack this probably simple problem.

I’m using a line trace to simulate gunplay and for the life of me i cannot figure out how to attach a particle that simulates a tracer(like the halo 2 battle rifle for reference.)

I feel like it shouldnt be too hard to get the vector and have it travel that distance but its just not working, if anyone has any insight i’d be eternally grateful!

it’s not an answer, but here’s the setup for doing a line trace in forward from the camera… just for fun you can turn on visibility and it looks just like a laser pointer… it’s also efficient for doing hit tests (if they move fast enough… so there is no visual mismatch… the tracer bullet particles can just be visual effects).

you might also consider using projectiles with a particle system attached for your tracer bullets, which would be a different system… but it’s well set up for this kind of thing

Hi ,
You can use LineTrace Like This

You have to multiply the forward vector as it is a normalised state of the actors forward axis.
check the settings of Line trace Channel …Draw Debug type will allow you to build a visible line at runtime

your welcome! the key question… are you going to create a line-traced (instant hit) or projectile weapon

btw… @ooKusho 's BP might be right, I haven’t done this setup in a while (at least mine will need a float value… this corresponds to the length of the line trace)

yes, using a normal actor with a particle system (a projectile actor would be unnecessary duplication and overhead) with Add World Offset would do the job I think…

by the way, just to avoid confusion… a projectile is a specific blueprint type designed for fast moving objects (I think) using a simplified physics system… ideal for bullets and whatnot

I do appreciate your response, and this is definitely the baseline for what i’m trying to calculate. I feel like its really easy from here i just dont know what i need.

I am using line trace to apply the damage, and im thinkin that ill need to create a projectile from the end of my gun thats linked to a timeline that travels that set distance in 1 second regardless. Probably with a slight vector offset so its not visble at super close range.

HOWEVER, if we can figure out a way to get a ribbon particle/beam particle to spawn from the linetrace and travel the distance of the vector, i would be so happy.

I think this’ll be the work around for the time being, the only question now is will this be functional in multiplayer :l

i appreciate your help! first time posting here and it got more responses in 1 hour than ive gotten all week!

good! :slight_smile: … yes, if networking is set up… its just straightforward moving an particle actor around

Your welcome! Btw… using projectile components is very straightforward… there are a bunch of tutorials available… also there is a sample beam particle in the content examples.