4.18 Set icons for IOS but theyre not showing up on my device on launch


I am trying to set the app icons for my IOS app, i got all the correct sizes and set them in the IOS section of the project settings, yet when I launch to my phone the icon is still the default Unreal Engine icon.

Any idea why this is happening ?


Fixed in 4.18.1

I am using 4.18.2 and this bug is still occuring for me. I also tried to make new and clean blueprint only project, updated my icons, packaged it and loaded it onto my device but I still get the default unreal icons.

Oddly this is now happening for me in 4.25. Replaced default icons, building on windows. IPA builds splendidly, installs to an iphone 7 without issue, then still shows the default icons. I’m not even sure where it’s getting the default icons from, to be honest.

Same for me, in 4.26 - and I am using remote build on a mac.