4.18 resolution scale issue for VR game

So, I’ve released a VR game on Steam and someone in the community noticed an issue with resolution scale. In game I have 3 quality settings that among other things, set it to render at 75% on the low setting 100% on the medium setting and 200% on the high setting. The player that noticed this is using fpsVR. first off, fpsVR’s nor SteamVR’s resolution settings don’t seem to have any effect on the resolution for this game whatsoever, it seems like unreal doesn’t allow an override on that. I would honestly prefer to remove this from scalability settings altogether and put that control in the hands of third party solutions so player can fiddle with it themselves if that’s even an option, which it doesn’t seem to be. What this player is seeing is that on Low, fpsVR is returning a lower than native value which is expected, its returning native on medium also expected, but its also showing the native resolution on the high setting, which should actually be 200%. Seems like it’s just plain not working right after 100% I’m using a console command to do these, I believe the command was r.screenpercentage. I’m using forward shading and MSAA for this project.