4.18 possible bug can someone help clarify?


So we recently moved to 4.18.3 from 4.17.2 when creating a new map with a selected heighmap it does not seem to produce the heightmap, however when going into 4.17.3 and using the same settings it produces the heightmap

here is the 2 engines side by side producing the heightmap, unless im missing something in 4.18.3 or i have a broken install

side by side image:

is anyone else experiancing the same issue? or is it just me? if its just me any idea of a fix?


Issue resolved unsure how to close this.

How i fixed it:
tested it on a colleagues machine with save version and it seemed to work, so i went into the launcher clicked the dropdown beside 4.18.3 and clicked verify this seems to have resolved all the issues i was having.