4.18 merging animations with lip sync in sequencer [EMERGENCY]

Hi guys,

I would very much appreciate your help as I’ve been strugling for days. In a nutshel, I am trying to render a short movie sequence in UE 4.18. I’ve got my characters, I’ve got my animations, I’ve got my audio recordings for dialogs. I am using FaceFX for lip sync.

What I now whant is to merge an animation of someone talking (Hands moving and so on, I’ve bought many of them on the marketplace) with the lip sync from FaceFX.

Right now I can’t merge both of them on the sequencer in an additive mode. I can either have the guy move, have the guy talk of have the guy do some horrible mix between moving and talking.

Has anyone ever figured this out ? I’m probably missing something obvious here, right ?

It’s becoming an emergency for my project, I would love any tip to have the guy talk and move at the same time in my sequencer !

Love from Paris,

I am not sure about any sequencer impacts… but I leverage a blend by bone (bone = head) in my ABP after a cache of the locomotion that allows all movement below the head (handled by the state machine) to be blended with the facial animation (which is head+ only) before outputting to the final pose.