[4.18]IOS Crashes after splashscreen with GoogleVR Enabled

Hi guys,

We are making an app for iOS using GVR plugin. I’ve searched info about it on several post but I found that is quite old (version 4.12 - 4.16) so I decided to make a post.

The scenario are quite the same as the others, when i play the app with GVR Plugins in iOS Device On Development it run smoothly, but when i package my app On Shipping and post it to ITunes Connect, something happened. The app crashed after the splashscreen end. Oh and i’m using blueprint project.

I tried to update the GVR version to 1.110 but still no luck. Also i tried to read the iOS device error log and ask some of my friends, they told me that it’s kind of screen problem (main and background screen).

I really need some advices in what should i do to fix this so i can run my apps on AppStore. Is there any particular way to do it or maybe anyone still got this issue in 4.18?

Thank you very much before.

Oh and this is the iOS device error log.
link text

Error Continues as for 4.20 , you had any workaround for this? EPIC doesnt seem to work on this issue…