4.18 foliage transparency issues

Hi, this is the first time posting here but I cant seem to find the answer anywhere. I have a bunch of grass and plants in my scene and recently they started showing through one another. I tried changing around a bunch of settings like use as occluder, and getting rid of some of the instanced meshes but it doesnt seem to change anything. The meshes in question do have transparent materials on them but they were working before. changing the material to masked fixes this problem but doesnt make the grass on plants look good and I ideally dont want to have to resort to doing this. Any suggestions? I uploaded the translucent look and the masked look.

you should know translucent not only problematic in terms of depth-sorting but also it’s expensive - so it should be avoided except for very specific stuff (i.e. water, particles). plus you get much more limited features on it (shadow casting and shadow receiving has a really limited distance for example)

It was working before. and when you mask it, it looks awful.