4.18 EXEC : error : Couldn't find parent type for '<...>' named 'UDestructibleComponent' ...

Has the UDestructibleComponent been moved or?? I have APEX and PhysX in my public dependencies but I’m not sure what else I might need or need to include now.


  • APEX Destruction has been moved to a plugin and is now disabled by default. To enable the plugin, use the Plugin Manager (Edit > Plugins > Physics).

Hope that helps…

That sounds great. How am I supposed to do that though if I can’t open my project because it won’t build in 4.18?

Ran in to this myself… You need to edit the uplugin file at: <drive>:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.18\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\ApexDestruction\ApexDestruction.uplugin

And change EnabledByDefault to true.