4.18 BP Levels won't load

Hello, I was creating a game, but now, when I play the game in the editor, once the Editor loads a second level, it instantly loads the continue screen, and freezes. I have searched through various posts, but none of the solutions will work.

The closest I got to solving the problem was by loading a level using the Load Stream Level node, but now, this method is ineffective. I am worried this may be a bug, however I want to make absolutely sure first. Is there any solution, and if so, what?

Here is my blueprint for the title screen:

Here is my blueprint for the continue screen:

I am using Windows 10 (64-bit), and Unreal Engine v4.18.0.

OK, I’ve solved the problem now. It turns out that I needed a Branch node, so that unless the player is in the continue screen or the title screen when they are destroyed the continue screen will load. The freezing on the continue screen was because the character kept getting destroyed somehow and so the level was constantly loading itself. When the Branch node is added, the continue screen will never load itself, thus the menus work perfectly.

Thank all of you anyway, you’re very kind. Now that the problem has been solved, the project can carry on.

So long!