(4.18/4.20) Materials not showing in landscape paint

Let me start by saying that im new to game design and thank you you for any help you can give. After I created my master landscape texture blueprint, save it, and apply it to my landscape I can’t seem to get the materials to show up in the texture paint section. I see other people apply the materials to the landscape then click on landscape paint section and they will have all the textures that they used at the bottom. But when I do it I can’t get anything to show. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense.

Please help, still cant figure out why.

In the LandscapeLayerBlend node, you HAVE to name each layer. The default name is “None” and it will not show any layers named “None” in the Target Layers list.

If you have multiple channels, you can select every layer blend node and name them all at the same time.