4.18.2 Blueprint conversions to 4.19.2 Fatal Failures

Hi all,

First off, i am a ArchViz designer for a small business in Croatia, 25 years of age and am new here. I came here with intent to resolve an issue with your help that i am having with blueprints and their widgets after converting a certain project from Unreal Engine 4.18.3 to 4.19.2

Problems at hand are quite major and break the total idea of what the application is meant to be doing, and are as follows:

  • UIFloorPlan widget element of the actual plan itself is either being displayed white or with an alpha texture whilst being disfunctional and not responding to player position or movement - white the actual texture change occurs after SetTextureMap element in BP is called and changed directly to a specified plan 2D texture, whereas in 4.18.3 it did this assignment automatically
  • In recent simulations of the project scene, ocassionally specific widget buttons sometimes don’t render at all, but most of the time they do
  • Player controller functions are partly crippled, thus meaning that i cannot navigate across the scene as normal, mouse navigation works, and so do all the button functions i tested so far - this later lead me to believe that it happens because of the tutorial prompt that should occur at the beginning of the simulation; after player character is spawned(tutorial initial dialog sequence is completely invisible and skipped)

All of this can be better seen in my videos as shown below;

Unreal Engine 4.18.3 Demo presentation - this is how the simulation and blueprints are meant to be working

Unreal Engine 4.19.2 Build presentation - destroyed functionality of simulation and blueprints

One thing important too mention as well are the initial errors that incur after each simulation, see the image below:

Errors are gone after isValid node is used and Target input set to HUDReference

I hope i described the problem enough for you to have some ideas how this can get resolved and i sincerely hope to hear from you soon!
That’s all, thanks in advance for the time and possible help :slight_smile:

I’m bumping this thread to update new people visiting the category, as to mutually find a problem elimination point.

It is my sole interest to find out, is it possible to correct the problem(s) without starting it from scratch on new builds of Unreal?