4.18.1 Source Fatal Error on Project Launch

Morning Guys anyone would know why 4.18.1 source gives Fatal Error on 93% when opening any project?
In Log, there is nothing specific what would cause the crash
This is Log from one of the projects.

Maybe someone knows what is happening
its fresh install of 4.18.1
I just try to open Top Down Template and got same crash on 4.18.1 Source … however, I can open it in 4.18.1 Launcher

Crash from Top Down Template Log file open, 12/09/17 09:33:56LogWindows: Failed to load 'aqProf.dll' (GetLa - Pastebin.com

Was not able to Attach .txt file says that it’s not acceptable format
so I passed it here. this is my Dxdiag if that can help faster resolve this issue.

i am getting exactly the same issue…trying a fix i found on the forums now…will report back if it works…think its to do with m$ and the version of vs…you running 5.5.x?

can confirm this works…Crash on UE4Editor-Navmesh.dll - C++ - Unreal Engine Forums requires a engine rebuild if your building from source but works fine