4.17 Specific Documentation


Its been about a week and no specific 4.17 documentation is available. Also, Going beyond awesome with Blueprints - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums is amazing and while the example is very straight-forward what else are we missing from the docs?


I would certainly welcome any documentation/examples on the new blueprint exposed Asset Manager… :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what it is yet?

This preliminary documentation on it was linked on AnswerHub a while back. It’s more C++ oriented but it also gives a general overview.

Yeah, I saw that. But Im more interested in the Blueprint exposure :wink:

Someone had asked on the 4.17 Release thread last week and I posted the status of a few that I’m currently aware of related to 4.17 documentation:

As with most of our releases, we’ll work on the 4.17 specific documentation and get it out as soon as we can, but unfortunately, there is no specific ETA for when these would be available. I would suggest checking back with theNew & Updated section of our documentation site regularly to see what’s been updated or newly published.

Hopefully we’ll have some new stuff that you’re looking forward to up soon!

Thanks Tim… I’ll keep an eye out.